A Message from the President

To our valued customers,

At Senat Poultry and ENA Meatpacking, we strive to produce the best possible product in the market today; under strict Zabiha Halal Standards.
We adhere to our religious beliefs as well as Shariah Board guidelines and only produce 100% Hand Slaughtered products, without any pre – or – post slaughter stunning, ever!
With this being said, it has recently come to our attention, that there are companies which produce a halal Hand Slaughtered product, but WITH stunning involved. However; they are also certified by Shariah board. This news was very concerning to us, and we immediately notified Shariah board in writing.
Please see the letter we sent to Shariah Board regarding this policy and the segregation of stunned and not stunned product.
We felt this of utmost importance that we share this information with all of our valued customers. We believe in true honesty, and think all information should be disclosed to all consumers weather it matters to them or not.
Please feel free to reach out for any questions, at any time.

Thank You,
Atabey Kucukkarca

View the entire Letter from Our President as well as the letter SENT and RECEIVED from the Shariah Board. Also, a letter to our customers of our final withdrawal.