Philadelphia City Paper

Philadelphia City Paper

"At Rotisseur, the bird's the word. Matzkin taste-tested specimens from 15 providers before settling on the one that would grace his French-engineered Rotisol rotisserie ('the preferred choice of Parisian bistros'). The best bird hailed from Senat Poultry, a halal operation so clear-conscious they've put pictures of their Paterson, N.J., slaughterhouse on their website and invite y'all to come down for a visit now, ya hear! A co-op of Amish farmers raises Senat's chickens without hormones and antibiotics in Lancaster, where the free-roaming roasters develop the all-important "fatty skin" that turns to sheets of crackly gold leaf in the blazing rotisserie oven."


Baldor Foods

These succulent, tender, exceptionally tasty chickens are a Penobscott/Cobb cross (originally a Maine breed) now raised in lancaster Valley in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. They have glistening white skin and sweet, delicate, pearly meat.

Senat chickens are hormone and antibiotic free and are 100% vegetar-ian grain fed. They are Certified Humane raised, free roaming and are the winners of Bon Appetit’s 2009 Best Tasting Chicken Award. Baldor carries Senat whole chickens, dressed and undressed and whole legs.